Medication non-adherence contributes roughly $300B to the annual U.S. healthcare expenditure. A subset of this problem, prescription drug abuse, addiction, and diversion, cost health insurers nearly $100B and is a rapidly growing epidemic. MedControl is addressing both of these problems with its sophisticated medication dispensing device.


Medication Management

Abuse Prevention

Our Solution

Unlike currently marketed or emerging medication dispensing devices, MedControl's is technology enabled, portable/compact, bulk-fillable with a wide variety of pill geometries, and patient-specific via biometrics. Other devices contain some of these features that may prevent over or under use, but none do both while being user and pharmacy operation friendly.

Our Team


Dave Jasnos
CEO & Co-founder
Arthur David, MD


Steven Fleck
President & CEO, Proximedics Technologies
Lawrence Dunn, MD
Private Practice in Psychiatry

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