Patient Specific

A fingerprint scan ensures that the intended person is present prior to dispensing. Prescription regimens can be programmed as needed whether by specific windows of time or minimum times between doses. Further, multiple fingerprints can be enrolled with various user privileges such as patients who use medication and users who can fill and program the device.



Once the device is filled and locked by an authorized user such as a pharmacist, the patient is physically unable to access the medicine without destroying the container, in which case various degrees of rigid construction and tamper detection will address the aggressiveness of the intended user. The device is not intended to be an indestructible pill safe, but a preventative measure that can inform relevant stakeholders such as pharmacists and doctors throughout treatment.


User Friendly

For single medications, the device is portable and compact such that the patient can carry it with them similar to a standard pill bottle. From a pharmacy operations perspective, the device can be bulk-loaded with a standard pill counting tray unlike like other compartmentalized solutions. Interchangeable slides accommodate a wide variety of pill geometries such that the core device acts as a platform across solid medications.


Technology Enabled

The device is equipped with a cellular module capable of wireless communications that provide the ability to call, text, email, or update a server with a variety information. Potential applications of this technology include:

  • Notifying the patient they are due for another dose
  • Escalating and communicating non-adherence intervention via call-center, caregiver, or family member
  • Storing information related to dispensing events for subsequent analysis to assess adherence as it relates to patient outcomes
  • Communicating breaches and tamper detection

If wireless communications aren’t desired, the device can also notify the patient via an onboard ringer, flashing lights, and vibration. Data transmission is possible using a mini USB port that can also be used to charge the device with a standard charger.